ASCE Room side view
ASCE Room Diagram
Square Footage: 860
Max Capacity: 80
Recommended: 16-30 attendees
Details: A comfortable balance of space in the not too small and the not to large attendance category; great for a U-shaped configuration (16-24 guests); theater-style (35 guests); or classroom seating for (16-30 guests).

Capacity by Setup

Theater: 80
Classroom: 36
Hollow Square: 24
U Shape: 20
Standing Reception: 80
Rounds: 40
Board Room: 16


Weekday Evening: Three Hour Minimum Room Rental
Weekends: Four Hour Minimum Room Rental
Weekday 8 Hour Rate: $550
Weekday Hourly Rate: $100
Weekend 8 Hour Rate: $750
Weekend Hourly Rate: $125